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Are you choosing a service for finding arbitrage situations and bookmaker’s Arbs? The whole truth about TOP automated Sports Arbitrage Betting Software for finding Surebets & Valuebets (EV Bets).

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Review of the TOP9 sports arbing software.

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TOP9 Best Sports Arbitrage Betting Finders

Arbitrage Betting Software — Betburger


CHOICE EDITOR! The arbitrage betting finder scans over 100 bookmakers and 40 sports. The best scanning speed among competitors. Surebets & Valuebets in Live/Prematch. Price from €159.99.

Arbitrage Betting Software — RebalBetting


Old surebets software, scans over 60 bookmakers and 10 sports. Scanning speed is average. Surebets & Valuebets in Prematch only. Price from $99 (with limits on profit).

Arbitrage Betting Software — BestWasp


The arbitrage betting tool is aimed at players from the USA. Scans over 100 bookmakers and 40 kinds of sport. High scanning speed. Sure Bets and Positive EV Bets in Live/Prematch. Price from $159.99.

Arbitrage Betting Software — OddsJam


The largest arbs scanner targeted at US players. Scans over 50 bookmakers and 17 sports in USA. Sure Bets and Value Bets in Live/Prematch. Price from $199 (Arbitrage + EV Betting Tool).

Arbitrage Betting Software — Surebet


One of the oldest Positive EV Betting & Surebets Software. Scans over 180 bookmakers (with clones) and 36 sports. Sure bets and EV bets in Prematch. Old web interface. Price from €25.9.

Arbitrage Betting Software — BetOnValue


Sports betting arbitrage finder with the old web interface. Scans 92 bookmakers and 32 sports around the world. Surebets and Positive Expected Value Bets in Live/Prematch. Price from €50 (3 min. delay).

Arbitrage Betting Software — OddStorm


One of the oldest arb scanners with an old web interface. Scans 72 bookmakers worldwide (Football only). Forks in Live/Prematch. Price from €155.

Arbitrage Betting Software — BetSlayer


New Arbitrage Betting Software with a user-friendly web interface. Scans 28 bookmakers and 9 sports. Surebets & Valuebets in Live/Prematch. Price from £49.

Arbitrage Betting Software — BreakingBet


New Surebets Software. Scans 50 bookmakers and 12 sports. Sure bets & Value bets in Live/Prematch. Price from €34.99 (only surebets).

Arbitrage Betting Tools — Comparison Table

ParameterBookmakers (All/USA)Scanned SportseSportsScanned MarketsPre-match / LiveSure bets / Value bets / Middle betsInterfaceAPIAdditional featuresTrialTarif #1Tarif #2Tarif #3
BetBurgerAll: 81/25 (411 with clones)40+Yes9+Yes / YesYes / Yes / YesWEBYesPrematch comparison service / Accounting / Sorting by ROIUp to 1%Prematch 159.99€Live 279.99€Prematch & Live 359.99€
RebelBettingAll: 60/810Yes6+Yes / NoYes / Yes / YesWEBNoBetTracker / Betfair SportsbookFree Trial
(14 days. Bet percentage: Surebet 2% / Valuebet 5%)
Starter 99$
(Bet percentage: Surebet 3.5% / Valuebet 7%)
Pro 199$
BetWaspAll: 78/25 (382 with Clones)25+Yes9+Yes / YesYes / Yes / YesWEBYesPrematch comparison service / Accounting / Sorting by ROIUp to 1%Prematch 159.99$Live 279.99$Prematch & Live 359.99$
OddsJamAll: 50/All Popular17Yes9+Yes / Yes (Platinum Plan)Yes / Yes / YesWEBYesParlay Builder / Real-time text alerts / Free Bet Conversion ToolFree trial for 7 days (Surebets Up to 1%)Promo Optimizer Plan 39$
(Middles Betting Tool)
Positive EV Plan 199$
(Arbitrage + EV Betting Tool)
Platinum Plan XXX$
(All + Live)
Surebet180(with clones)/NA36+YesYes / NoYes / Yes / YesWEBYes (XML)Browser extensionFree 0€
(Only Valuebets – Up to 1%)
Professional 25.9€
Professional+ 27.9€
BetOnValueAll: 92/NA32+YesYes / YesYes / Yes / NoWEBNoFree 0$
(Up to 1% / 20 min. delay)
Silver 50€
(3 min. delay)
Gold 125€
(without delay)
OddStormAll: 72/NAFootballYes14+Yes / YesYes / No / YesWEB / Desktop AppNoDesktop AppNoPreMatch 155€InPlay 195€PreMatch+InPlay 295€
BetSlayerAll: 28/NA9No16 events and 5 marketsYes / YesYes / No / NoWEBNoProfit TrackerFree Trial
(14 days. Bet percentage: Surebet 5%)
Pro Plan £49
(Get Arbs up to 20% Profit)
Exclusive plan £199
(Get Arbs up to 25% Profit + Exclusive access to 3 bookies)
BreakingBetAll: 50/NA (190 with Clones)12No5+Yes / YesYes / Yes / NoWEBNoFlexible tariffsNoArbs (Prematch & Live) €34.99Valuebetrs (Prematch & Live) €21.99Arbs + Valuebetrs (Prematch & Live) €45.99

Arbitrage betting is the key to success in sports betting. Get tangible income in any case, even if you didn’t estimate the result of a sporting event. On this page, we have gathered a review of popular arbitrage betting scanners. Below, we will describe how we compiled the ranking and what our ratings are based on.

Important criteria for choosing software

List of the most important criteria:

➕ Free planUp to 1%
➕ Live modeYes or No
➕ Scan speedOnly Fast
➕ Number of bookies80 or more
➕ Number of markets100 or more
➕ ValuebetsYes or No

How it works

An arbitrage bet is a situation of betting on mutually exclusive outcomes of the same event resulting in profit regardless of the outcome. There are a number of factors that contribute to arbs emergence:

  • market competition;
  • the untimely reaction of the bookmaker to the match situation;
  • errors in the formation of odds.
Best Arbitrage Betting Software

How to search for arbitrage situations

Nowadays, it is pretty difficult to search for arbitrage situations unassisted, therefore the sports arbitrage software got popular among the gamblers. There is a definite competition in this segment. We will help you choose the best software for finding bookmaker arbs and value bets.

The software automatically finds profitable arbitrage opportunities so that you can place bets and earn at least 10-15% of your net monthly income. We have reviewed 9 popular services for finding surebets. When choosing software, we recommend considering the following:

  1. Coverage of Bookmakers. We assess the number and variety of bookmakers that the scanner supports, giving higher weight to scanners with a wider coverage.
  2. The variety of sports and betting markets. The more sports types are scanned, the higher the chances of finding a surebets that won’t be blocked by the bookmaker.
  3. Availability of Live mode. Surebets in Live mode can’t be detected by the bookmaker. You are guaranteed to receive your profit.
  4. Scanning speed, as the most important factor. We evaluate the scanner’s speed in providing real-time odds updates and the accuracy of its calculations, assigning significant weight to scanners that deliver fast and precise results.
  5. Monthly subscription cost. No need to explain here. We all want something cheap and of high quality.

In our table, we have reviewed 9 scanners. Based on this table, you can make a decision on which arbs scanner suits you best. The table is up to date as of June 2023.

Methodology for Rating Arbitrage Betting Scanners

Arbitrage Betting Scanner

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have been able to identify the most important factors that determine the quality of a bookmaker arbitrage scanner. Each evaluated factor carries its own weight:

  1. Coverage of Bookmakers — 1 point.
  2. The variety of sports and betting markets — 0.5 points.
  3. Availability of Live mode — 0.5 points.
  4. Scanning speed (most significant factor) — 2 points.
  5. Monthly subscription cost — 1 point.

In our rating, we have chosen not to consider the following factors:

  1. Availability of value bets.
  2. Modern design.
  3. Availability of mobile or desktop software.
  4. Number of scanned bookmaker clones.
  5. Availability of an API.

We believe that these factors don’t have any impact on the final monetary outcome. Therefore, we strongly recommend not taking these factors into account when choosing software.

Benefits of Arbitrage Betting Software

1.Full automation

Currently, players prefer automated arbitrage betting software over manual search for bookmaker arbs for the following reasons:

  • wide range of sure bets and value bets;
  • large selection of bookies from all over the world;
  • ability to wager bets in a single click, without going to the bookies’ websites;
  • no delays in updating data (usual for other scanners);
  • surebets and valuebets are available in Live mode.
Benefits of Arbitrage Betting Software

2.Minimum risks

I would like to touch upon the option of one click betting in more detail. This is the most convenient for arbing because all you need to do is enter your bookmaker login credentials into one of the services and select the appropriate arbitrage situation from the results. Then with a single click arbitrage betting software will wager all necessary bets.

Therefore, you will be able to bet on both outcomes much faster, and the bookie will have almost no chance of identifying you as a professional bettor.

Both of the aforementioned aspects are extremely important for the arbers, given a quick change of odds in Live and a rather negative attitude of sportsbooks towards the arbers.

Mark Bettor (Linkedin/Facebook)

An expert with 10 years of sports betting experience. Dozens of expert articles on specialized betting sites. Own methods for searching bookmaker surebets and value bets. I spoke at specialized sports betting conferences in the USA.


⭕ How Much Can Be Made from Arbing?

The real income from arbitrage bets can be 5-15% of the monthly bank. But it is necessary to take into account the commission and the difference in the exchange rate.

⭕ Which Software for Arbitrage Betting is the Best?

I believe that the best arbitrage betting finder is BetBurger. It offers several advantages: fast scanning speed, Live and Pre-match modes, user-friendly interface. Another significant advantage is the extensive coverage of scanned bookmakers.

⭕ Did You Review All Available Software?

We reviewed only the most popular services. We didn’t review non-functional software and a few scanners that showed poor results in scanning bookmaker arbs.

⭕ Can I Rely on the Objectivity of Your Software Review?

Yes, you can, as we have extensive experience using various bookmaker arbitrage scanners. The experience of our team enables us to draw definitive conclusions.

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